Travel Logistics

GESS is focused on simplify and organize your global travel security. We provide secure transportation and corporate event transport. As well as presidential inaugurations, VIP corporate events, share holders and board of directors meetings.

Our physical security expertise along with our logistics skills provide to our clients safety and security. Our clients are clearly our priority, and our objective is to deliver the highest security service that they need.

GESS  has an absolutely impressive global network of secure transportation providers. We provide transportation aligned with your needs Рcorporate jet, sedans, SUVs, sprinters or coaches, non-armored or armored transportation. Not only we have security drivers or local chauffeurs but also we can support any logistics of your transportation requirements.

Area of expertise includes:

  • Diplomats, foreign and also domestic
  • Senior Executive Management team
  • Business asset security as well as personal
  • Global Asset or Site Protection

Service Areas:

  • Domestic and also International

Our Clients:
Due to confidentiality, the following is a representation of our clients:

  • Government Contractors
  • Shipping and also Maritime Companies
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies
  • High-Profile Families