Commercial and Residential Security Design

GESS is invested in keeping work environments as safe as possible, with emphasis on employee relations issues; including but not limited to hostility towards fellow employees, employee termination, layoffs, closures and labor disputes. GESS stays abreast on environmental factors that could impact the day to day functions of a corporation. GESS agents provide nonintrusive, low profile security solutions that support daily functions that include risk assessment of physical properties; review of policy and procedures, as well as asset protection and training.  Our highly trained and experienced agents provide the following services:

  • Employee Safety and Security Training
  • Emergency Response training
  • Security Policy and Procedures Review
  • Active shooter Training
  • Workplace termination
  • Armed transport
  • Security Site Evaluations

Area of expertise include:

  • Physical Site Security
  • Access Control
  • Securing Board of Directors
  • Security Assessments

Service Areas:

  • Domestic and International

Our Clients:
Due to confidentiality the following is a representation of our clients:

  • Government Contractors
  • Shipping and Maritime Companies
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies
  • High-Profile Families