• Susan H.-(Sr. Executive Assistant) Pharmaceutical

Our company used GESS when they were just Global Executive Solutions in 2016 for Executive Protection during the Republican and Democratic Conventions. The agents and off-duty officers were great and extremely professional. Our executives and their families had a great time at both events and truly appreciate their service. We want to wish GESS all the best and much success in the future and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2020.

  • Naveed A.-(Business Owner) Real Estate Investor

My brother Dara used GESS on his home in Florida and currently uses them for Executive Protection for special events. Dom took our simple plan for a simple surveillance and security system and gave us something that we love and basically use every day. With our iPhone app we can monitor and control our system from anywhere in the world.

  • Jason G.-(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) Confidential

GESS was referred to us by one of our Directors when our company was having issues with protesters and vandalism at one of our facilities, due to our research. Dominick and his team of retired police officers provided protection for our employees and security at the site. Using his background, he tried to coordinate with the county police to increase their presence; but since or facility is located is a remote area, the nearest district station was 22 miles way. With such a large foot print, he determined that we had something that the county police department needed….SPACE. Dominick recommended that we donate an unused area of our building and the county created a new police district that is staffed 24/7 in our building. We receive a tax break from the county, we have a better relationship with the county, the protestors are gone, and our employees feel safer with the added police presence.

  • Michael J.-(Chief Executive Officer) Financial Investment Firm

A friend recommended GESS when we were building our new home in Virginia. Dominick came out, reviewed the drawings with our builder and came up with a plan for our new security system and talked us out of our planned home automation system; recommending a more robust system that was capable of supporting a home of this size and provided more flexibility for the future. He used competent and very qualified vendors, that are now a part of our family.

  • Dara A.-(Business Owner) Real Estate and Financial Investor

Dominick is a wonderful and talented individual. My wife and I were building our winter home in Florida when a very good friend suggested that we bring him in to secure our home. He started with security and made suggestions and recommendations that we had not considered. First it was our security systems, then our phone system and then the pool for our kids. When the house was finished, my home in Virginia was connected to our home in Florida with our new phone system, we were able to manage both homes from our cell phones and our kids have the pool of their dreams. We spend more time in Florida than we do in Virginia. My daughter calls it her winter wonder land. The security vendors were all background checked, by the State and the FBI; and when they come to check our system, they are always friendly, neat, courteous and very professional.